What technical issues can go wrong with remote invigilated (RI) exams, and what actions can YOU take to prevent them.

The vast majority of students who have sat RI exams successfully completed them without any technical issues. But some did experience technical issues. So, what can go wrong and what action can YOU take to minimise the risk of technical trouble on exam day.

 ACCA report that the top three reasons for technical issues are as follows

1.    Poor connectivity or interruptions to internet connection

We have all experienced this!  

Your action points

Buy an Ethernet cable so you are hard wired to the internet! Further pop-up blockers should be disabled to prevent interruption and internet cookies should be enabled. During the exam ask other users of your wifi not to be streaming Netflix or playing video games.

2.    Failure to meet the technical requirements

This is so important, otherwise you cannot sit the exam.

Your action points

Check today that your computers or laptop meet the minimum technical requirements and pass the system test. But don’t just do the systems test once. Repeat it every week between now and the exam! And once more exam day!

 3.    Corporate firewalls

Work computers generally have more restrictions, such as corporate firewalls, that may prevent successful delivery.

Your action points

If you need to use a work laptop, then you need to read the guidance and check the network configuration here.

More guidance on minimum requirements, system tests, preparation and are available here.


Remote exams enable exams to go ahead in these crazy times. They have many advantages as you have not travel and you cannot have no noisy student sitting next to you. But they do require you to take responsibility and ownership of certain IT issues.

Good luck

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