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Tom has a podcast, and it is all about SBR! Listen to Tom as he talks about deferred tax, leasing and other issues relevant to helping you pass SBR. The podcast can be found on Spotify, apple and google podcasts.

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For the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants' page about SBR, please click here.

Conceptual Framework Article

Key article written by Tom Clendon on the Conceptual Framework, published in PQ Magazine.

Part One - Frame the question
Part Two - Making a statement

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Tom's recommended ACCA online tutors


Studying ACCA AFM?

Tom Clendon recommends signing up to Sunil Bhandari's AFM FME online tuition course. Sunil has been an accountancy tutor since 1986 and is a great lecturer who knows the course inside out. Much like Tom's online course, Sunil's has quality content with lots of support throughout.
Visit Sunil's website here.

Studying ACCA AA?

Tom Clendon recommends signing up to Erin Morton's AA FME online tuition course. Erin has been delivering accountancy tuition courses since 2003.  She started her career at Kaplan (FTC) in London and was one of the senior audit tutors for many years before spreading her wings.
Visit Erin's website here.


Studying ACCA APM?

Tom Clendon recommends signing up to Geoff Cordwell's APM FME online tuition course. Geoff is an ex ACCA performance management examiner and has taught performance management since its creation. He is a published author of performance management articles and has moderated thousands of ACCA scripts.
Visit Geoff's website here.

Studying ACCA PM?

Tom Clendon recommends signing up to Jo Tuffill's PM FME online tuition course. Jo has over 15 years’ experience in the professional finance tuition market. After qualifying as an ACA with Arthur Andersen, she began training graduates before progressing a career in Financial Performance & Analysis followed by Mergers & Acquisitions, both at blue chip organisations.
Visit Jo's website here.

Studying ACCA SBL?

Tom Clendon recommends signing up to Sean Purcell's SBL FME online tuition course. Sean Purcell (BA ACMA CGMA) is an ACCA expert tutor who regularly contributes to ACCA programs around the world. He was recently voted 2020 lecturer of the year by PQ magazine and is an ACCA tutor Guru for SBL.
Visit Sean's website here.

Studying ACCA TX (UK)?

Tom Clendon recommends signing up to Aileen Edgar's TX (UK) FME online tuition course. Aileen Edgar has over 12 years of experience in professional accounting education, since qualifying as a CA with PWC, including time as a lecturer and examiner at ICAS and ACCA. As an independent tutor, she develops courses and exams for professional accounting students, so understands the ins and outs of how exams are written and marked.
Visit Aileen's website here.


Studying ACCA AAA?

Tom Clendon recommends signing up to Ben Wilson's AAA FME online course. Ben is trusted by the ACCA as their Expert Tutor for auditing papers and creates the ACCA’s student resources for both the AAA and AA papers. He also has a huge amount of experience as an audit examiner and an audit exam marker.

Visit Ben's website here.

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