"Below are some snippets of feedback that I've received over the years from my students. If you would like to leave some feedback, please get in touch or leave a recommendation on my LinkedIn page. Much appreciated!" 

- Tom Clendon

“It was undoubtedly the expert feedback on my three mocks that pushed me over the 50 mark. Sticking to time and attempting all questions was so key💡 - and I reckon this approach will work with the other exams I am yet to take.” - Melissa

"The debriefs videos were key for me. I work two jobs and care for my father so I really appreciated the flexibility of online and the clarity of Tom’s explanations." JP

"Thank you sir, I am so happy, I passed SBR. Your videos & technical articles were the main reason I passed this attempt. You are an SBR guru no doubt!" - OP 

"If anyone hopes to pass SBR, please reach out to Tom. He is the one who will make things happen."

"Thank you for your help Tom. I think SBR is not a tough paper as we think!! One of the most important thing is try to understand all the IAS and IFRS standards for e.g. understand When can you recognise the standard what are criteria to recognise and what is the accounting treatment for recognising and derecognising! If you understand this terminology then you can easily apply to the particular scenario and one of the most important thing is do practise past question paper as many time as possible because many students do this mistake they practice one time and they feel that they have understood everything but that is not the case no matter you have done question papers previously do it repeatedly if you find some time!”  - PK

"FME is awesome. Your explanations break things down in a simple way, and it’s for all topics, making it more understandable. I understood Deferred Tax instantly when I listened. Love the short knowledge bursts and the WhatsApp support to clarify issues and share knowledge."


"I cannot imagine taking this exam without Tom's lecture notes, revision and videos"

"I PASSED SBR! I'm absolutely buzzing right now and just want to THANK YOU because I can confidently say your revision made all the difference for me. This was a 2nd attempt at this module. On my first attempt, I gave my all in terms of study and prep so when I Failed with a low mark, it really crushed me as I had no idea where I went wrong and the thought of doing it all over again just made me so demotivated and down. My friend then told me about what you were offering, and I tried it. Your material was just so simple to understand, and you broke down what is a very challenging module to make it understandable and gave the best exam tips and approach. I was motivated and hopeful again and yeah best decision ever to study with you. Now on to the next! Thanks again..."  - PL

“I had a mental block with the ACCA exams but you helped me overcome it. Thank you so much!"


"Thank you so much sir. I did follow you for SBR. Your prediction and last video was really helpful and I passed!" - IW

"Life was made much easier with Tom's direct help along the way"

"SBR was an exam I avoided like the plague. I did not want to take it. But Tom's notes. They were short, but it was enough to understand what was going on. He had all the keywords in the notes (classing IFRS 9 as a Financial Asset for example). His lectures were a joy to listen to. I wanted to study. I remember just not understanding IFRS 9 before and with Tom, I partly understood it. I do regret not doing as many questions. As I did not want to fail. But his techniques and tips helped a lot. I realised that by even doing his small examples, it helped me out. SBR was bad, I prepared myself to fail because I found it so hard. I told Tom it was a disaster of a paper. I got my result of 61%. Which I could not believe. His techniques and simple notes made such a differences." - S

"Thank you sir I passed SBR because of you. You are doing great thank you for helping us God bless you."  - UA

"Tom's podcast has been a favourite of mine. It definitely works well when I'm in the car or going for walks without feeling guilty for not revising." JP

"SBR was new to me and this was the first time I was sitting it. With my past records, I rarely pass exams the first time I sit them. I pretty much have no words to express my gratitude to you sir- just, thank you!

The online based module was so so convenient for me and the way it was structured, explained and the question practice made the curriculum easy for me to understand. I want to thank you sir, for changing my life." -HY

"It was as if Tom's clone had written the exam!"

"I just wanted to say thank you for always being there and answering my questions so promptly. You have been so motivating. I didn't think I could do online tuition but you have changed that. All your voice notes videos podcasts are so helpful as well." - M

"Your course was brilliant. It gave me confidence that I was prepared to pass. All the standards were on the tip of my tongue" - BB

"You have a way of making this very difficult module understandable and relatable in plain English. So thank you for helping me pass this exam. I am a walking ad for you because I tell everyone doing ACCA about you; just like my friend R. told me about you." - PP

"Tom, this site is amazing! I have just got onto the app and watched the introductions. I think the way you have structured this is brilliant."

"It’s scary how close the exam questions were to his tuition"


"Passing SBR is like a dream come true, especially as this was my last paper to get my ACCA certification. It was my 5th attempt taking this paper from P2 to SBR with several set backs. I reached a point where I felt so helpless and almost gave up. Then I came to know Tom Clendon. He is a very professional and committed SBR tutor. He motivated me to do my best. He said he will help me to get through this if I help myself. With this message, I worked hard together with his support since Jan 2020. His notes are easy to understand and I loved his short video which gave me a better understanding of some difficult accounting standards. He made the study journey an enjoyable one. If anyone is hoping to pass SBR, please reach out to Tom. He is the one who will make things happen. Thank you so much. I would not have passed without your patience and guidance."  - HL

"Your mock and tips helped me 100% because without them, some of those questions I would not have known where to begin. Cryptocurrency and Impairment to be exact. Thank you." - AB

"All I know is that although there were some elements that threw me, I went into that exam with a confidence and calmness that came from taking on board your feedback, from listening to your lectures and reading your articles. You do a brilliant job." - KL

"Nobody explains it like Tom does! He is the best lecturer I have ever come across."

"Finally done with the exam. It was a lengthy one, but I was able to answer all questions and gave it my best shot. There were no surprising questions. I want to thank you for all your amazing lectures, help, constant support and guidance. I really hope I pass and that I am able to give you the good news in a month’s time. Thank you once again!"


"Thank you for everything you have done – for your lectures, tips and guidance. Nobody explains it like you do! You are the best lecturer I have ever come across. I found the exam tough and time consuming. It was a race against time and at times I hardly had time to think. The mock exam really helped!"

"Thank you very much again for the excellent service you provide. It boosted my confidence and gave me valuable feedback at the time when I needed it. It was my last exam and all in all I passed 8 exams since I went back to studying as well as having a full-time job and three young children." - SW