“How I got 83%”

One of my former students – PK – got 83% in the old P2 exam – which is now SBR.. Amazing. I am always interested in learning from students, so I asked him the secret of his success, and he said…

“Thank you for your help Tom. I think this paper is not a tough paper as we think!! One of the most important thing is try to understand all the IAS and IFRS standards eg to understand when you apply the standard, what are criteria to recognise and what is the accounting treatment for derecognising ! If you understand this terminology then you can easily apply to the particular scenario. One of the most important thing is do practise past question paper as many time as possible because many students do this mistake they practice one time and they feel that they have understood everything but that is not the case no matter you have done question papers previously do it repeatedly if you find some time!”

Good advise I think! Don’t you?

I helped PK, and now through my online courses I can help you as well.

Please get in touch if you want to pass SBR !

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